Concerns raised over non-communicable infections in Malawi

A health rights campaigner says Malawi has the potential of significantly reduce cases of Non-Communicable Diseases if the Health Sector Strategic Plan 3 is implemented in its totality.

Matemba: We must be concerned,.

The observation comes amid concerns of the increase in cases of NCDs which according to the WHO accounted for 40 percent deaths in the year 2019.

Speaking with MIJ online, Maziko Matemba, a health rights campaigner observed that despite making a little progress in managing NCDs, there are still some gaps that needs to be addressed.

Among others, Matemba said currently much of the attention on NCDs is directed towards cancer a thing he said needs to change in line with the Health Sector Strategic Plan 3 which advocates for equal treatment of all NCDs.

He said unless there is a harmonization in resource allocation towards all NCDs, efforts to reduce the same will continue yielding minute results.

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are non-transmissible diseases of often long duration and include diseases such as mental health conditions, stroke, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

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