Environmentalists want Kenyatta drive upgrade stopped.

The Malawi Parliamentary Conservation Caucus – MPCC has demanded a stop of the upgrading works for the Kenyatta Drive into six lanes describing it as illegal.
Currently government has cut down trees along the Kenyatta Drive in Lilongwe meant to allow expansion of the road take place a thing that many environmentalists have spoken against.
Speaking at Press Briefing on Tuesday, the Caucus Chairperson Werani Chilenga said without an approved Environmental and Social Assessment report, the project is not certified according to the law.
Chilenga reads out the petition.

He said the Malawi Environmental Protection Authority- MEPA should immediately halt the upgrading works or risk unspecified action.

On his part, Clement Masangano Team Leader for Association of Environmental Professionals said it is sad that almost one thousand trees including legally protected M’bawa trees have already been lost in the process.
While explaining the importance of the road project, Masangano said the environmental aspect should be looked into next time government is coming up with such projects.
But reacting to the Concerns Dr Robert Kafakoma, Board Chairperson for the Malawi Environmental Protection Authority – MEPA said the Board will before end of this month meet to discuss the concerns that different organizations are raising as regards to the road project.

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