International community calls for Malawi’s good governance

As Malawi prepares for the 2024 tripartite elections, the African Development Bank (ADB) has urged citizens to put aside their political differences and work towards promoting good governance.

Delegates for a photo.

Macmillan Anyanwu, ADB Country Manager, stressed the importance of unity and collaboration in creating a conducive environment for the elections and driving social-economic growth.

Anyanwu’s call comes as Malawi struggles to regain its economic footing, according to the 2023/24 Human Development Index.

The report highlights the challenges faced by least developed countries like Malawi in achieving economic recovery.

In an interview with MIJ Online, Anyanwu praised the Human Development Report for its insightful analysis of Malawi’s social-economic landscape.

He encouraged citizens to embrace oneness and work together to promote good governance and improve the country’s economic prospects.

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