Introducing 265Chills Podcast and Youtube Channel

At a time when digital spaces are a market leader in terms of social communication and interaction, Hastings ‘Heys’ Chitanda, a diaspora-based Malawian, has initiated the birth of a podcast branded 265Chills that talks about travel, agriculture, inspiring stories from successful Malawians (interviews), education, and women empowerment.

Chitanda: People must grace the platform.

265Chills started as an online platform aimed at connecting individuals and sharing opportunities as they come before it’s recent evolution to a Podcast and YouTube Channel to reach out to a wider audience and increase engagement.

Heys said: “The popularity of my social media handles has been instrumental in the growth of 265Chills. However, the growing demand for my content has prompted me to introduce a YouTube Channel and Podcast.

“I understand my podcast will provide me with a lot of room for visibility. And considering that I render free knowledge to my fellow Malawians, I trust that I will successfully monetize my YouTube channel to help fertilize the growth of my brand”.

Heys said that he is more interested in penetrating the social media platform because the youths are his target beneficiaries”.

“I understand that the youths are the biggest consumers of media, and that is why I want to use the social media space to cultivate more youths,” said Heys.

The development comes as no surprise since the year 2023 has witnessed a lot of diaspora-based Malawians exercising patriotism towards their parent country.

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