Is Skeffa lighting the torch for the ballot?

So, without doubt, Skeffa Chimoto’s latest song ‘Ndingokuwa’ provides some insights into his subtle ambitions to head for the ballot, perhaps as a member of parliament, or who knows, even the highest office, although it is being deduced for a parliamentary role in his home district of Nkhotakota district next year.

Skeffa recounts in the 08:34-long song how he received a call from the people of his native district of Nkhotakota, asking him to deliver a message to the president.

Is Skeffa setting the agenda?

Skeffa then explains that because he does not have easy access to the President, hence he opted just to compose the song in the hopes that the message will reach the president when he listens to it.

The song starts with narrating the need to quickly complete the Nkhotakota Road.

Then he  discusses the Nkaika-Mwansambo-Ntchisi road, which is in bad state.

He claims that the poor road network in the aforementioned areas prevents businesses from flourishing.

He paints a picture of an area that only has one public Health Center at Mwansambo which serves many people and has a large catchment area.

Then also Skeffa stated people informed him to tell the President that most business persons in the area have not benefited from the NEEF Loans, despite the fact that the people in the area overwhelmingly voted for the President during the past elections.

Lastly, the song tackles on the issue of the looming hunger as a result of erratic rainfall.

“This is your home; come here and serve us… you served many people in Malawi through your music, but it is time you serve your kinsmen back home… because you belong to us,’’.

The song ends on a suspenseful note as he explains that sadly, the phone got cut off when the villagers were still speaking due to lack of airtime.

Will Skeffa Chimoto join the likes of Lucius Banda and Billy Kaunda who after having successful music careers, joined mainstream politics?

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