Jetu: That woman is challenging adulthood, obviously

So, in recent days, on the music front, the name Jetu has been trending. And that she is 71 years old and a woman, has perhaps challenged a space heavily donned by Gidess Chalamanda.

In recent times, a Blantyre based 71-year-old Christina Kholiyo, popularly known as Jetu, has become a household name, particularly on social media, where she has been the talk of the town.

Her new song, “Chakwaza,” whose video features popular comedian Ching’aning’ani, has come just a few months after she released “Wakalamba Wafuna,” which excited many music lovers.

Jetu has made a mark.

These two songs, with “Chakwaza” recently marking so many and many YouTube views, continue to enjoy airplay.

In short, “Chakwaza” is about a woman who has dedicated her time to chasing money after having her heart broken by a guy named John.

Hours after the song’s release, many expressed their views, with well-known radio personality Mphatso Chikalipo, alias Mysta President, noting that Jetu has the potential to catch the attention of international art promoters.

“Trust me, this artist has a huge chance of trending internationally,” Mysta President wrote on his Facebook page.

In my opinion, Jetu’s age has contributed immensely to her popularity, no doubt about that. While she may not have mastered the craft of singing, branding her as talented would be an overrating of her work.

Her popularity stems from the unusual and unexpected nature of someone her age engaging in youthful activities like creating TikTok skits and producing music.

However, gratitude should go to her youthful award-winning manager, Blessings Kazembe, for bringing the Jetu character to the limelight.

Meanwhile, while recognizing a positive reception, Kazembe has expressed gratitude on his Facebook page for the support Jetu is currently receiving.

To me, the Jetu character symbolizes coexistence between the youth and the elderly.

Her rise to popularity coincides with a time when the elderly face unjust accusations of practicing witchcraft, mostly perpetrated by the youths.

However, some sections of society are not happy with Jetu’s participation in the entertainment arena.

Social commentator Watson Shawa feels that Jetu, along with Gides Chalamanda, are being abused.

Shawa argues that the elderly should be treated with respect and dignity, and their participation in entertainment should not be humiliating or physically involving.

“The elderly are supposed to be a reservoir of wisdom and a moral compass of any society. While it is important to keep them cheered or entertained, there should be a limit to the level of entertainment accorded to them. It should not be humiliating or physically involving”.

He added that, “I am of the opinion that our two senior citizens (Kholiyo and Chalamanda) in question are being abused by being made to do or say what is culturally demeaning. Let them age with grace while being respected and cherished by their offspring,” said Shawa.

On the other hand, Richards Masina, Projects Manager at Mai Mbambande Foundation, a shelter home for over 80 older persons, believes that Jetu’s incorporation into the entertainment scene is setting a positive narrative on how the elderly are perceived by society.

Masina noted that the older persons are often pushed into the dark by the younger generation while being called witches, and he therefore expressed excitement that the current trend is narrowing the gap between the old and the new generation.

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