Malawi Police impound mineral packed vehicle from Chinese firm

Malawi Police in Chitipa have impounded a vehicle full of gemstones minerals from a Chinese firm which is mining at Mbilima village in chief Mwaulambyaโ€™s area.

Police officer-in-charge Aubrey Kawale said o the vehicle had been detained for what he called security reasons following disagreements between the firm and the community.

The police confiscated the vehicle keys and the licence of the driver.

Kawale said the vehicle would be released after talks on Monday between the community and the Chinese mining firm which is to be brokered by government officials.

Earlier, the communities blocked the road to the mine with big stones and branches of trees so that no vehicle should leave the mine with the minerals.

However, at night, mine workers removed the barriers and let the vehicle full of the minerals out.

The community wants the company to commit itself in corporate social responsibility which include construction of roads, school blocks, clinics, among others.

They accuse the company of exporting the minerals to China on the pretext of testing.

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