Minister lauds Zoa falls for increased power generation capacity

An emphasis has been made on the need for the country to explore other sources of hydro power generation in existing rivers apart from the Shire, if Malawi is to address its power capacity.

Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola-made the emphasis when he visited Zoa Falls in Thekelani, Thyolo district where Malawi and Mozambique are exploring a potential venture into establishing a joint hydro power plant using the Ruo River.

Malawi first conducted prefeasibility studies on Zoa Falls project in 1998 which indicates a potential for the country to generate about 40 megawatts of electricity closer to a boarder with Mozambique.

Meanwhile Mozambique is already working on developing an off-grid mini hydro power plant on Ruo River in Berua, Milange District, Zambezi Province with a potential to generate 1.9MW.

Matola disclosed that technical team meetings between the two sides are ongoing and It is expected that the power generated under Berua project or the Zoa Falls Project will benefit the countries in supplying electricity to communities surrounding the area.

“The project has potential to increase generation capacity for Malawi and if we can utilize the rivers that we have aside from Shire River, we can really achieve that.

This not only increase power generation but also address flooding challenges as we will be controlling water flow in Ruo and other rivers that feed the Shire river,’’ said Matola

He has since disclosed two countries are making progress in necessary processes for the establishment of a joint hydro power plant

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