‘NGOs failing to produce reports’

The Council for non-governmental organizations (CONGOMA) and Non-governmental organizations regulatory authority (NGORA) have expressed concerns with various international and local non-governmental organizations due to noncompliance in submitting annual reports.

This comes as a lot of NGOs are operating in the country but local communities are failing to benefit from the funds the institution contribute to the nation economic growth.

According to Ronald Mtonga, chief executive officer CONGOMA a lot of non-governmental organizations fail to produce yearly reports on how they have conducted their business on the ground in the country which has contributed to less impact of the funds generated through international organizations.

Speaking to MIJ Online, Mtonga says there is need of coordination and funding the regulatory policies in order to strengthen the good utilization of the misappropriated funds as well as stiff penalties to non-compliance institution

On his part, Voice Mhone, chief executive officer, NGORA says government should engage with the ministry of finance, the reserve Bank of Malawi and the regulatory authority institutions in order to develop ways on how the funds can be channeled towards proper developments.

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