Sycamore trains leaders in modern management skills in Dubai

An emphasis has been made on the importance of leadership skills development for institutions to ably sail through volatile work and business environment.

Audrey Mwala, Founder and Managing Director for Sycamore Consult Limited made the emphasis at the end of a one-week Modern leadership and Management Skills training the company conducted in Dubai-United Arab Emirates

Some of the participants stressing a point.

Mwala told MIJ Online that the training was aimed at equipping high positioned members of management with leadership skills to assist them on how to effectively lead in an environment that is constantly changing.

The training which run from 22nd to 27th January 2023 involved leaders and management authorities in Malawi and other African countries.

According to Mwala, the world today is full of uncertainties that continue to affect institutional operations hence the need to equip leaders on how best to deliver in such an environment.

“Within the one week that we have learned, we have been able to go through very important-deep-rooted secrets of modern leadership and our focus was not only on traditional leadership but also modern and revolutionary leadership in a complex world.

Mwala: We need change.

The world today is a world where there is so much volatility, there is also uncertainty and ambiguity. So, our focus is to shape them on how they can deliver in such an environment and remain strong leaders as well as motivate their team to become better teams with problem solving skills in a volatile world,’’ explained Mwala.

The training involved shaping leaders in task coordination, organization and managerial communication, successful service delivery and professional team building, among many other skills.

Meanwhile, one of the participants, Jean Ntethiwa, Lecturer and Campus Director for Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources-City Campus described the training as very crucial in improving their skills and execution of their duties.

According to Ntethiwa, the training has been an eye opener for leaders aiming on building effective teams for successful service delivery.

“It goes with what type of a leader you are; if you are a leader who cannot bring your team with you then the success of your organization can be in jeopardy. So, like here we have learned the importance of including people with diversity when forming teams to encourage competition and successfully work in different environments and still deliver, ’’said Ntethiwa.

Sycamore Consult Limited has been conducting trainings in leadership, corporate governance and organization development at both local international levels with most recent trainings in Zambia and United Arab Emirates.


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