Communicators set trap for Cholera

In a quest to lower cases of Cholera; a communications think-tank has developed a community dialogue initiative to identify solutions on containing the outbreak.

Yiwombe: We want to change the narrative.

To date Cholera has affected 11 100 and claimed 322 lives across all the 29 districts of the country.

In reaction the Centre for Development Communications has developed a community dialogue campaign to engage masses on best practices for containing the disease.

With this; Fred Yiwombe, executive director of the centre has told MIJ Online the best model to managing the Cholera outbreak was for communities to identify โ€œwhat works for them by themselvesโ€.

Meanwhile, the centre has trained its community managers to enhance their knowledge on how best to implement their Cholera outreach program in eight of their project districts: Mzuzu, Karonga, Salima and Nkhota-Kota.

Other four districts include: Blantyre, Nsanje, Mwaza and Chikwawa.

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