Kabambe, Mpatsa, Dzombe, Dikiya meet for business pep-talk

A high profile business pet-talk is in the offing to explore business, investment and entrepreneurial opportunities Malawi has to offer.

The setting is the BICC in the capital Lilongwe, Friday, where big name businessmen, economists and entrepreneurs are to share their insights and perspectives on the business landscape in the country.

Kabambe will deliver an address.

Top on the list of panelists are: ex-RBM Governor, Dr. Dalitso Kabambe, renowned entrepreneurs Jimmy Korea Mpatsa and Napaoleon Dzombe and also a corporate executive Gonjetso Dikiya currently Head of Dispute Settlement at the Ritz Attorneys at Law.

Given such diversity of speakers; expectations are sky-high the event would serve as platform for the revered investors to connect with the business community; small, medium or large and government officials to explore investment opportunities in the country.

Among other sectors, participants are expected to brainstorm how investing in: agriculture, energy, tourism or technology for instance would benefit and grow the country’s economy if well managed.

A statement from organizers of the event, Business In-Detail Magazine – BIM states “the event aims to provide valuable insights and practical tips for businesses looking to establish a presence in the country.”

It adds; the event will also delve into challenges and obstacles that businesses may face whilst operating in Malawi while providing a comprehensive overview of the local business environment and the tools and resources available to navigate potential challenges.

“The Business Talk will also provide a platform for networking and collaboration among businesses, investors and government officials. By fostering partnerships and relationships, business captains will have the opportunity to explore potential business opportunities and forge connections that can lead to successful ventures in the future,” reads the statement in part.

In bringing together Dr. Kabambe, Mpatsa, Dzombe and Dikiya, BIM aspires to motivate and cultivate a culture of entrepreneurship, self-reliance and wealth creation amongst Malawians.

Besides, during the event, organizers are also expected to award individuals and companies who have contributed enormousness to the business world.

For more information, contact Kenphord M’dima on 0881202837.

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