YAS wants Mpinganjira out of power utility chairperson role

The Youth and Society has officially written ESCOM board chair Thom Mpinganjira to resign from his post.

Mpinganjira is being asked to step down following his alleged involvement in a judge’s bribery case.

He is currently on bail.

Mpinganjira still seats as ESCOM Board Chair.

Following his arrest, earlier this month, Mpinganjira was called by YAS to resign on grounds that he no longer has the trust of Malawians whom he serves by being Escom board chair.

The letter dated 13th February which MIJ Online has seen and has been signed by YAS Executive director, Charles Kajoloweka demands Mpinganjira to resign.

YAS says they want Mpinganjira to step down just like he did by getting a sabbatical leave at his FDH financial Holdings Limited.

In an interview, Kajoloweka said Mpinganjira’s continued stay as Escom board chair with his current compromised status is not health for an already struggling institution.

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