A daunting efforts in ending human trafficking in Malawi

Though non-governmental organizations collaborating with the government are working tirelessly to end human trafficking, the task continues to seem daunting in Malawi.

Currently, five children remain hostage in Mozambique upon being trafficked by a herbalist at Nchalo in Chikwawa District.

They claimed to have fallen into the jaws of the traditional healer who deceived them into collecting Masau in a nearby forest from their village.

One of them a seven-year-old girl said in the forest the herbalist armed with a hoe, panga knives, knives, and sticks coerced them into Mozambique.

The girl claims the herbalist beat them up consistently with his weapons whilst threatening to kill and bury them if they didn’t cooperate.

Besides: the children could neither be allowed to sleep, rest, eat nor drink water; they walked non-stop for five days running in dangerous forests.

Thole: This situation needs to change.

One other forest lies in Traditional Authority Ndakwera near Mozambique where the kids were rescued by some men who went to buy sorghum in the area.

However, upon their rescue, some had big wounds on their bodies disabling them from walking because of the severe were severe beating up.

Some of the parents say it’s disheartening that their children went missing for five days.

Another of them says they spent many days in the forests, searching for their young children upon being deceived by an unknown a herbalist who came to stay in the village for a month as a tenant.

The parents also worry their children were found with big wounds and deep cuts sustained from heavy beatings by the witch doctors who used panga knives when beating them.

Frank Machika, Chairperson for the community policing at Nchalo in Chikwawa district said lack of materials for their work is making them fail to do their job effectively of providing enough security for the citizens in the area.

He appeals to the government to provide them with adequate resources to combat human trafficking.

On his hand, Caleb Thole director for Global Hope Mobilization confesses child trafficking is souring in the country and hence needs strategies to eradicate it.

He says it’s worrying the nation is registering higher cases of child trafficking due lack of resources.

A truck that was intercepted trafficking people years ago.

Equally, Memory Chisenga child rights campaigner asks the government to strengthen security measures to help protect children from being trafficked.

She feels fighting human trafficking demands collaboration between the government and stakeholders in the country.

Underscoring the magnitude of the vice gender minister Jean Sendeza says her office is being overwhelmed with reports about human -trafficking.

However, she commits security agencies are on high alert to fight human trafficking which can be won if parents also parents take active roles in reporting strange people and strange activities to authorities.

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