Communities dared on environmental conservation

Energy authorities have tasked individuals residing along rivers with the responsibility of safeguarding riverbanks through increased tree planting efforts aimed at mitigating siltation.

Matola with Egenco officials at the event.

This call was made by Ibrahim Matola, the Minister of Energy, and his counterpart, Dr. Maxoni Chitawo, the Chief Executive Officer of the Electricity Generation Company.

The announcement was made during the launch of the 2024 Tree Planting Season by Egenco, held at Lisungwi CDSS in the Neno district.

Egenco intends to plant about 35,000 trees across the country during the tree planting season.

In an interview with MIJ Online, Matola stressed the significance of restoring vegetation along water banks, particularly in Neno, as numerous tributaries flowing into the Shire River, from which electricity generation is done, are located in this area.

In agreement with Matola, Dr. Chitawo highlighted that wanton cutting of trees fuels river siltation, leading to reduced water levels at power plants and subsequently affecting power generation

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