Debate on access to contraceptives by children rages on

A renowned contraceptive expert has disputed claims that the use of family planning methods could cause long-term complications among girls below the age of 18.

The specialist – Donald Makwakwa- has made the observation amidst a debate on whether or not young girls should be permitted to access contraceptives without parental consent.

The debate follows a suggestion from the Parliamentary Committee on Social Welfare that young girls should be permitted to access the contraceptives as a means of reducing early pregnancies.

However, opponents of the proposal are arguing that the move could result in long-term complications among the young girls.

Nonetheless โ€“ Makwakwa has told MIJ Online that there is no need to worry โ€“ arguing contraceptives do not pose any long-lasting health threats to women of any age.

Commenting on the matter โ€“ Anthony Mtuta – an Anthropologist, has urged stakeholders to handle the issue with care โ€“ saying it has potential to fuel other social problems, such as promiscuity


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