Expert calls for soul searching on Malawi’s education


An education expert fears the Covid-19 situation will have long term repercussions in the delivery of quality education if authorities do not come up with make shift measures at this time.

President Peter Mutharika ordered the closure of schools across the country as a preventive measure against the spread of Covid-19.

As it stands, it is not clear as to when normal education activities will resume as countries worldwide continue to register new cases of Coronavirus.

Today, authorities announced a first Covid-19 death and three more new positive cases.

Positive cases thus far sit at eight.

With this, an educationist has expressed concern because there are no ongoing measures to have education related activities while in their homes.

Speaking to MIJ Online, Steve Sharra has since called on education authorities to work on measures that will sustain quality delivery of education once school resumes.

While noting that the public school calendar has been disturbed, Shara is of the view that in the meantime, the National Library Service should consider distributing books to school going children from poor families to sustain the learning culture in them while at home.

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