Help! Truck drivers land demands for protective gear


Truck drivers in the country have given government 48 hours to provide them with protective gear against spreading Covid-19 pandemic.

This comes as the country has now recorded positive Covid-19 cases and when the globe is struggling to contain the spread of the Covid-19.

In reaction, the Professional Truck Drivers Union of Malawi most of whose members are still having local and regional travel in a bid to supply essential goods, says drivers need to be assisted with protective gear.

Vice President of the union has Mordecai Banda Vice President for the union has confirmed that they have penned government on the matter.

“We have submitted the letter to the ministry of health as well as transport and labour ministry. Most of our members are still traveling and despite government’s knowledge, they have not provided gear to them,” Banda said.

“It is very important to protect us drivers, despite border shut downs we are still travelling to high risk countries and that puts us at high risk of contracting the disease”.

The union has since threatened to down tools and stop travels if their demands are not met after 48 hours.

On Monday, the special Covid-19 ministerial committee announced of another positive Covid-19 case in Malawi, bringing the total so far to five.

Malawians are still being urged to take precautionary measures and stay home unless when there is a search for vital life amenities.

Government has however called citizens not to panic with health Minister telling the media” people should trust our health delivery”.

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