Khulubvi Arts and Cultural Heritage Festival on this weekend

All roads will this weekend lead to Nsanje Prison ground where the Khulubvi Arts and Cultural Heritage Festival will take place.

The event which is organized by the Nsanje community, Nyamithambo Arts Palace, and the Nsanje District Council will center on revamping education standards in the Shire Valley which are dwindling.

Trinta: We are set.

National coordinator for the events, Eric Trinta said all participants have confirmed to come and showcase their talents which mostly will be relating to cultural nomes.

He said: ‘’We have a more talented high caliber of musicians likes of Lucky Stars Band, Nepman, Katelele Ching’oma Agoloso, Antonyo and Alufisha comedy, traditional dances like gulewamkulu, maseseto, utse, chikuzire and many more will be entertaining us. While we are enjoying the white meat of crocodiles, alligators popularly known as mphenembe other food like water lilly (nyika), and food made from sorghum and millet among others,’’

Meanwhile, Ching’oma said is geared to entertain his fans.

He said” “This my home and I am proud to be a Sena so I want to entertain my fans who have been with me in all times good and bad’’.

This year’s events will be celebrated under the theme “Revamping Education Standards in the Shire Valley and its infrastructure is possible. It’s our responsibility. Time for soul searching and rebuilding.”

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