Malawi issues alert over Sudan ‘war’

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued an alert to Malawians living in Sudan to register with the Embassy in Egypt in the wake of war in the Northeastern African nation.

According to John Kabaghe Public Relations Officer for the Ministry has told MIJ Online that the registration can be done through the Deputy Head of Mission in Cairo.

“The registration can be done through, Dr. Shoab Mzoma, Deputy Head of Mission Malawi Embassy, Cairo. Email: or WhatsApp: +201067506995,” he said.

Among others, the ministry has requested the Malawians to include, Name, Gender, Location and contact numbers in their registration.

Meanwhile, government has urged the citizens to stay safe and exercise vigilance at all times.

Reports indicate that most of the fighting is happening in Sudan’s capital Khartoum, however, clashes are reported across the country.

Currently, over 300 people have reportedly been killed and over three thousand have been injured in the ongoing fighting.

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