Mysta President taps from raw talent in Song of the Year Riddim

Mysta President, formerly known as Mr. P in the creative industry, has always been a radio personality with a special interest for nurturing raw talent.

This is evident through his radio programs, most notably “Dolo wa mu Hood,” where Mysta President- real name Mphatso Chikalipo has fostered the growth of talents like Blaze, Mwanache, and K Banton, all of whom now enjoy widespread recognition.

Riddim at work.

As a Hip-Hop, Dancehall, and Afro-fusion recording artist, he emphasizes the importance of nurturing young talent.

He observes that the current focus in the industry tends to favor established artists, often leaving undiscovered raw talent hidden within the system.

Chikalipo remarked, “I’ve always been passionate about discovering new talent, but nowadays, it’s rare to unearth such gems as entertainment giants prioritize established artists.”

In response to this, Mysta President embarked on a new project called “Song of the Year Riddim,” featuring about 20 artists.

According to Chikalipo, this compilation serves as a platform to introduce the audience to exceptionally talented artists in the country.

“I decided to seek out this talent and bring it together in a compilation so that the audience can discover the diverse range of artists we have in our country,” Chikalipo explained.

The “Am Sorry” hitmaker has also, in this production, featured established artists like Trumel, Nesnes, Fortune, and the rising star, Simba.

Take some time to listen to the riddim, and please share your thoughts.

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