No more flying! Malawian Airlines suspends flights

The coronavirus fears that are spreading accross the world are not sparing the aviation sector at all.

Flag carrier Malawian Airlines has in response to recent restrictions that countries are making suspended some flights, a decision analaysts describe as a huge economic blow.

The suspension comes as various countries globally continue to impose measures aimed at controlling the spread of covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking to MIJ Online, Joseph Josiah Public Relations Officer for Malawi Airlines said flights to Nirobi-Kenya have been suspended indefinitely following a suspension of all international flights by the Kenyan government.

Josiah also disclosed that from Friday the airline will suspend flights to South Africa following a three weeks national lockdown as announced by SA government.

No more flying.

As confirmed by Josiah the company will lose millions from this development.

“It’s true we have suspended some of our flights, particularly starting today 25 March we our flights to Nairobi are suspended until further notice. This is in response to an announcement by the Kenyan government that beginning mid-night today (25 March) all international flights into Kenya will not be allowed, so that’s why we have suspended.

Again beginning Friday March 27th we will be suspending our flights to Johannesburg South Africa as we are all aware the government that side made an announcement of national lockdown beginning Thursday mid-night,”. Josiah explained.

According to Josiah, the suspension to South Africa is expected to come to an end on April 16th when the three weeks lockdown will be lifted.

Meanwhile, Josiah said the development means the company will lose out millions of Kwachas due to the suspension although he could not disclose the actual amount.

According to him, the move has almost shut-down operations of Malawian Airlines-bringing in a huge economic impact.

“What is happening now, obviously that entails scaling down operations and it’s almost shutting down operations so obviously it’s going to have a huge economic impact to the airline.

It would be difficult to quantify in monetary terms what this entails, perhaps that can be done at a later on after management can sit down and calculate the monetary loss”. Said Josiah

Meanwhile Malawian Airlines is still operating its other routes to Lusaka-Zambia, Harare-Zimbabwe as well as Dar es Salaam-Tanzania though frequencies per week have been adjusted.


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