Produce quality content- Local artists told

Malawians have been challenged to produce high quality art so that it can compete on the international market.

The call comes as the Multichoice Malawi Limited has launched a new channel on all Go tv packages called One Zed.

One Zed is proudly Pan-African channel that caters to the Zambian and Malawian markets with entertaining shows that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

Speaking to MIJ Online during the launch of the One Zed channel on Go tv, Zena Makunje Corporate Affairs Manager for Multichoice Malawi limited says they decide to offer this One Zed channel on Go tv so that many Malawians should be able to know how other African countries are performing their different arts.

Makunje further asked Malawians should start producing well-crafted arts so that it can be broadcasted internationally on both DSTv and GO tv.

Among other shows that will be broadcasted on this One Zed channel are; “Mpali”, “Zuba”, “Landlady meets Landlord” and “Ubuntu” just to mention a few.

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