Push for DNA? Wikise dares audience on parenting

Never shy of musical controversy artist Wikise has spoken highly on push for DNA tests among people in the wake viral concerns on the same.

In his latest single entitled Mwana wa Agama, musician Frank ‘Wikise’ Chawinga has advised men to be visiting their wives’ offices frequently.

The song which is modeled on Allan Namoko’s Lameck, the Lilongwe based artist has relayed the advice.

According to Chawinga, men can only prove better if kids are not their’s by analysing their physical outlook with those of their wives’ male workmates.

“Kamodzi pa kamwezi kumapita ku ntchito kwa akazi Anu (once in a month visit your wife’s work place)/kungozungulira kumaziwa timing(just to check on her)/you never know mwina junior siwako (maybe the child you claim to share is not yours)” goes part of the song

However the song has irked women. According to the said gender, the song is negatively targeting them.

“The song should also have advised women to be paying the frequent visits to their husbands offices, are we the only ones who cheat,?’’eads one of the comments

Even though such is the case, the musician has denied that he is attacking women. He said, “I am an artist and I sing about the reality on the ground.”

“If every issue I tackle in my songs was to be taken personally then I would have retired by now, but hey this is just art,” he defended himself

The song has come to life in both audio and visual forms.

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