Stakeholders urge youths to go for HIV testing

Although recent figures are indicating a promising fight against HIV/AIDs infections in Malawi, some stakeholders are still urging the people to get tested and access medical attention if required.

Earlier last month, Health Minister Khumbize Kandodo Chiponda said that by June 2021, a total of 955,435 people living with HIV knew their HIV positive status, while 878,232 people were on the life-prolonging Anti-retroviral medicines (ARVs) and 825,538 had their viral load suppressed.

She said the progress represents 97:92:94 with respect to the 95:95:95 treatment targets.

But, Redson Chamveka, Executive director for Innovations for Change still insists there is need for extensive testing especially among the youth who form Malawiโ€™s largest population.

Malawi taking right path in HIV/AIDS fight

Chamveka says the effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic cannot just be overlooked and that authorities have to come up with strategies of encouraging the youth to get tested for HIV- to minimize new infections among the youth.

During the awareness campaign, out of the 40 youths who attended the event, 26 got tested.

The organization is implementing the exercises through PAMODZI project which is financially supported by USAID through MANASO.

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