State finalizes age assessment of boys who gangraped a girl in LL

The Director of Public Prosecution together with ministries of justice, gender and health have concluded an age assessment for three boys of the same family who allegedly defiled a three-year child in Lilongwe, a story which was exposed by MIJ FM Radio.

The story came to light after it was aired on MIJ FM in Zilipati program at the end of last year.

It was exposed through the program of how a three-year-old girl has been in pains as she was gang raped by three boys whose parents are allegedly connected to the leadership.

The young girl sustained injuries including damage of urinary bladder and also contracted sexual transmitted disease.

This triggered a lot of reaction including from civil society organizations who demanded a quick probe into the matter.

Speaking to MIJ Online, Dr Steve Kayuni, Director of Public Prosecution said having done the assessment, state advocates will now report to court and said that is when the ages will be known to the general public.

Meanwhile, Kayuni has said he is upbeat that the case will likely proceed in court.

At the moment, the mother of the ailing child has expressed gratitude with the progress that has so far been made before she commended MIJ FM Radio for covering the story.

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