Dan Lu defends ‘his death related song’

Malawian Afro-pop Musician Dan-Lu has come out in full force to defend his decision to feature some presumed sensitive scenes in his recently-released music video, titled Imfa.

In some of the scenes for the music video, Dan-Lu is seen lying in a casket, as he details material possessions lost when a person dies.

Dan Lu: This is art.

While some have described the production as very matured, others – in comments monitored on various social media platforms – have described these selected scenes as demonic.

However, in his reaction, Dan-Lu has rubbished such observations, arguing all he was doing in the casket was nothing, but just acting.

“People should appreciate that this is art. All I was doing there was acting just to emphasize the message that is in my song. There is literally nothing more than that.

”What is therefore surprising is that when the same is done by some international artists in Nollywood and Hollywood movies, we (Malawians) follow such artists with keen interest. But when a Malawian artist, like me, does the same, he or she is called all sorts of names,” wondered the Shupie hit-maker.

The afro-music artist has therefore called on Malawians to provide support to their artists, and not discourage them in their music career.

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