DJ Kachamba taking the Kachamba name back to its music fold

The name Daniel Kachamba is equal to music in Malawi. This is a name of an artist that donned the musical ears in the 1950s whose history apparently does not just get eroded quickly.

Dj Kachamba touches down with eleven fresh songs.

But, as they say: Time flies and another name with in the family line has emerged on the space and it is that of Simeon Kachamba alias DJ Kachamba.

The South African based artist has at the moment, released an album titled Alipobe with 11 songs, whose inspiration is drawn from Donald who was Danielโ€™s young brother and also a musician.

In the headlining song, he talks about the existing traces of Biblical greats in the world at the moment, which he believes marks the fact that the world can perform way better in Godโ€™s liking.

In Maliro, DJ Kachamba pays tribute to musical great Robert Fulumani whose mentorship and family line has taken the Black Missionaries miles and miles. He also piles praise on the late Evision Matafale and Musamude Fumulani.

This iconic family of Fulumani and Kachamba all hails from Singano Village under Traditional Authority Kuntaja in Blantyre, a village of music as they call it.

โ€˜And in the song Chauta , I speak to God to support little children that are suffering as a result of orphan hood and poverty. I speak in the voice of the victims with a view that God will answer and support them through people,โ€™โ€™ says Kachamba. ย 

The songs can be found on YouTube (

With a truly unique sound, Kachambaโ€™s album which has been produced by Elias Phiri continue to attain massive airplay across media outlets in Malawi and eyeful views online.

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