French language earns nod for opportunities to Malawians

The French language has been touted as one of the surest ways of creating job opportunities for many Malawians, within and outside the country.

The observation was made in Blantyre today by Luc Deschamps, the French Honorary Consul to Malawi, during his visit to the Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ).

Luc Deschamps being briefed about MIJ operations.

Deschamp’s observations have been made as France has doubled its efforts aimed at providing French language lessons to people across the country.

Among the beneficiaries are students in over 70 secondary schools where these French lessons are being taught, and 60 thousands students that have been reached through its libraries across the country.

According to Deschamps, French language is key to creating job opportunities for many Malawians, judging by many French institutions that are looking for French-speaking individuals to work in such firms, here in Malawi and across the world.

“We have French companies in Malawi. We’ve lots of them in South Africa. We also have Malawian companies and businesses, like banks that have branches in French-speaking countries in Africa.

MIJ Management engaged Deschamps.

“I can tell you that some of these companies are looking for French-speaking members of staff. So if you master French language, you’ll have a chance of being employed,” said Deschamps.

Dischamps has therefore advised parents to encourage their children to seriously take French language lessons being provided in the various primary, secondary and tertiary institutions of learning across the country.


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