HRDC slams Tonse leadership

The Human Rights Defenders Coalition has faulted the Tonse Administration over its failure to live up to the expectations of Malawians in its two years of leadership.

HRDC has pointed out issues of economic misdirection, ever-rising unemployment and cost of essential goods resulting in inflation that has left Malawians poorer than they were when we started this Tonse journey to Canaan.

With this, HRDC has called upon the Tonse Alliance Government not to take Malawians for granted and walk the talk on their electoral promises.

It has also called on government to start doing things the right way by getting rid of dead wood within its ranks and file which is stifling progress.

“The President must reshuffle his team and bring people who are capable rather than roping in friends and cronies that have self-interests rather than that of the country. We call upon the Administration to listen to the cries of its citizens who are heavily burdened by poor economic policies that are directly resulting in the rising cost of living, “reads the statement.

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