Limbani Chibwana speaks peace, unity in new song Mtendele

Giving fans another dose of his musical prowess, celebrated musician Limbani Chibwana has dished out a song titled Mtendele in which he is lobbying for national unity, peace, and hard work to address continued challenges facing the nation in terms of development, governance and pandemics.

In the song, Chibwana speaks against growing corruption, hatred and levels of poverty.

Chibwana believes that only if there was strong national unity and an elimination of laziness and divine intervention, Malawi would be able to stand on its feet again.

He wonders why a peaceful country like Malawi which is called the Warm Heart of Africa has not been able to capitalize on such a s status to grow rich and in development.

‘’Chikondi ndi kugonjerana, zichuluke pakati paife//Kukangana sitipambana.// Mtendele ndi kugonjerana ndi zomwe zingathetse mavutowa. Mukapeza mpata muyende mmidzi, misozi mutha kugwetsa/// Kulimbana sitipambana‘’ goes some of the lines in the song which is synonymous with concepts of national unity that are embed in the 2063 national development blueprint.

The song which was recorded at CL Touch Studios has come when Chibwana’s, Ndikudalira iwe, Khalidwe and Tasaina have continued to earn massive airplays and streams online.

It is part of the album Chisomo which the artist will be releasing later in the year.

Meanwhile, Chibwana has said more projects are on the cards as his aims at having so many shows this year.

With a truly unique sound, Chibwana’s songs continue to attain massive airplay across media outlets in Malawi and eyeful views online.

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