Mulhakho courts Blacks

With the count down continuing to the 2022 Mulhakho wa Alhomwe cultural festival; a pre-feast is on the table to be served at the weekend.

And the setting is Chonde Cultural Village in Mulanje where reggae is to characterise the night as the Black Missionaries are to gig the night away in a funder-raiser for the cultural event .

The Blacks aside; Joe Gwaladi is also lined-up for the show.

Meanwhile, Leston Mulli, chairman of the cultural grouping has told MIJ Online preparations were on course.

“So far so good and our funding drive is on track ahead of the main event on October, 09 … and we hope the show on Sunday, 11 will make some significant contribution towards the budget,” Mulli said.

The cultural celebrations this year are set for October 09 at Chonde Cultural Village.

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