Parley questions government over AIP launch

The Agriculture Committee of Parliament has faulted government for going ahead to launch the Affordable Input Program- AIP before the preparations are concluded.

The Committee has further accused the ministry of Agriculture for lying to Malawians that the country has 87% of the fertilizer required for the program when there is no such fertilizer.

This was said during a meeting the committee had with the ministry of Agriculture officials at Parliament on Tuesday.

Speaking to MIJ Online, Sameer Suleman Chairperson of the Committee questioned where the 127 000 Metric tons of fertilizer which is being mentioned by the ministry of Agriculture came from and has since demanded ACB to investigate the processes.

The Committee further recommended that smallholder fertilizer revolving fund of Malawi – SFFRFM does not supply fertilizer again saying government is using it as a scapegoat in the fertilizer deals.

Reacting, Erica Maganga Principal secretary in the ministry of Agriculture said the right processes are being followed for beneficiaries to have the fertilizer.

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