Quest for inclusive education in the spotlight!

The absence of institutions specifically designed to be conducive learners with multiple forms of disabilities has been cited as one factor derailing the provision of education to people with disabilities.

The remarks follow concerns that despite several initiatives aimed at ensuring that people with disabilities have access to quality education.

Inclusive education for all.

Speaking to MIJ online Isaac Ziba education coordinator at Mzuzu diocese said in absence of such schools, learners with multiple forms of disabilities are sent to convention schools where it becomes a challenge for them to grasp what is being taught as teachers sometimes forget the existence of such students in the class.

“If we are serious about inclusive education, we need to have schools that are specifically targeting individuals with multiple disabilities because such people find it difficult to learn properly in convention schools” said Ziba.

According to Ziba this can assist in improving access to education among people with various forms of disabilities.

However, Getrude Banda primary education advisor for Chamakala Zone in Kasungu district has noted with sadness high absenteeism rates among leaners with disabilities a development she has attributed to lack of interest by parents and guardians to send their wards to school.

“Often times parents only show interest to send their wards to school after being reminded of the same but along the way the relax and revert to their old habits of not sending kids with disabilities to school and this is sad”, said Banda.

Meanwhile to address some of challenges learners with disabilities are facing, the education department of the Mzuzu diocese is implementing a three-year b School Access and Governance Improvement-SAGI project targeting twenty-two primary school with funding from Misean Cara.

Through the project, students are assisted with hearing buds, eye glasses and wheel chairs among others.

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