Youths urged to avoid being used by politicians

Youths in the country are being urged to refrain from being used by politicians in matters that do not support national development.

Kunkuyu: The youth should not be used as weapons of negativity.

The call by Government spokesperson Moses Kunkuyu follows a viral audio clip believed to be that of Redson Munlo, one of the activists in recent anti government demonstrations in which he laments lack of support from politicians to youths that take part in demos against the current leadership.

He further said such a situation would make youths stop heading to the streets for such demonstrations.

But Kunkuyu expressed worry over such a tendency by some politicians who are using such youths in organizing protests over issues that government is already addressing.

He further said that government would not in any way stop demonstrations as they are a constitutional right

However Kunkuyu disclosed that government is already working on containing various social and economic problems affecting the general populace including the youth.

At the moment, Kunkuyu says government will continue engaging various stakeholders including leaders of civil society organizations so as to work together in building the country.

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