Departments slammed for absconding out on launch of vital strategic plan

The Ministry of Transport has criticized some departments and agencies for reportedly not taking part at the launch of a crucial strategic plan.

During the event in Lilongwe, it was evident from the roll call that some departments did not attend.

Harra: We are worried.

According to Engineer David Mzandu, Secretary for Transport and Public Works, spoke out against the departments for working in isolation and overlooking the ministry’s role as the policy holder.

Mzandu, without specifically naming them, urged the missing departments to reevaluate their Key Performance Indicators to focus on enhancing the country’s socio-economic development.

In an interview with MIJ Online Jacob Hara Minister of Transport concurred with Mzandu and added by urging departments and agencies to implement the strategic plan for betterment of the sector.

Meanwhile Enock Phale, Chairperson for Parliamentary Committee on Transport reaffirmed their commitment to continue providing an oversight role so that the strategic plan bears the intended results.

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