Review: In 2023, Malawi lost remarkable musicians

Life has not been all rosy in the entertainment industry in Malawi. This is because of the beautiful souls that have departed within the year 2023, leaving behind deep scars in people.

Today, let us remember and honor the artists we lost in 2023 because they created remarkable music that influenced the lives of many in various aspects of life.

This tribute is a way to say thank you for the impact they made and to keep their creative spirits alive in our memories.

Join us in celebrating the lives and lasting influence of these amazing individuals.

Chibade also died in the year.

Let us first remember Thomas Chibade. Chibade died in October this year after a short illness at the age of 37. He shall always be remembered for his great song compositions. His music covers a wide range of important topics, leaving a lasting impact on his listeners.

Some of the key themes he addressed include poverty, HIV/AIDS, teenage marriages and pregnancies, governance, and injustice, among others.

The country has also lost Atoht Manje, whose real name was Elias Missi. Manje died at the age of 34 in October after a short illness.

He was well known for his unique local touch in his music, which he called Bazuka sounds. The “Munthu” hit maker shall always be remembered for his outspokenness on issues affecting Malawian music.

He criticized the dominance of foreign sounds in most songs done by Malawian urban artists.

Manje died as he took a nap.

Jafali Thom, founder of Fikisa, is another artist that the country has lost. Thom died at the age of 54. He shall be remembered for songs like “Akamwire.”

He was described by some of his fans as a custodian of culture who was instrumental in bringing ethnic music and cultural elements to mainstream platforms.

Another artist who has sadly passed away in the year 2023 is Andrew Masauli. Andrew died in April at the age of 27 after a short illness. He was part of the duo Twin M, which came to the spotlight in 2017. They had then released their single titled “Pasa Ine,” which enjoyed massive airplay.

They then, in 2020, released another hit song, “Ndizifinyika,” which was also well received by music enthusiasts.

Andrew shall be remembered for being part of a musical grouping that produced songs that were loved by many, particularly party-goers.

Lastly, let’s talk about Victor Mwangobola, alias Tremor. Victor died at the age of 27 in August after being involved in a road accident in the capital Lilongwe. Tremor came to the limelight with his hit song “Mpanipani,” which inspired many, regardless of status.

He was described as someone who never looked down on himself, hence his music being of inspiration in nature.

As we conclude this tribute to the artists we lost in 2023, let’s carry their creative essence forward. While they may no longer be with us, their artistic legacies endure. May their work continue to inspire, bringing joy and reflection to those who discover it in the years to come.

May their souls rest in peace.

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